Tuesday, July 21, 2009

she's back

The conference was fine. The presenter I attended did a decent job, and I even learned a little something about a strategy of teaching literacy. Two nights away from home and family, and although I acquired them later in life than most people do, and have thus, spent much time on my own, I miss them when we are not together.

I was treated to a fabulous yarn shop in Albuquerque, though. I bought a book of amigurumi type patterns but no yarns... I was sorely tempted, however. If I'd had a project in mind, I would definitely have indulged. In fact, I'm inspired to GET a project in mind so I can go back and indulge.

I caught some Torchwood on the tellie this evening as well. The start of the third season. Two episodes of the five parter. I'm interested to see how it turns out, too. Well, I saw most of two episodes. We had a storm move in and take out the lights, so we waited for it to move off before we turned the electronics back on. In fact I nearly left the computer off, only I've been away and without it for those couple of days, so...

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