Friday, July 17, 2009

talk it out

This has been one long day.

It started about 3 AM with Raine waking us up because her foot hurt. Sometimes she gets growing pains so without looking at it, we gave her a couple tylenol and popped her back in bed and she - and we - went back to sleep.

Then at 8, when she woke up, she still had the same complaint. I could tell by looking at her she didn't feel well. Her foot was red and swollen and hot. Her head was hot. I took her temp, and sure enough she had one, not screaming high, but that foot said infection, and there was no obvious wound or bite or anything. I gave her tylenol and called the doctor (who just this month joined a medical group). Well, we got an appointment and went in... to wait, of course. We got seen, and antibiotics prescribed, with the admonition that if it got worse, she would probably need IV antibiotics and a hospital stay. The tylenol worked its magic, and she could walk on her foot, and felt a little better, and she watched a lot of TV through the afternoon.

Around 6 - about an hour after she got another dose of tylenol, I noticed that she looked feverish again... and sure enough 101 this time. I looked at her foot, and it looked worse too. To make an already long story a little shorter, we ended up in the emergency room, where she got iv antibiotics. She didn't have to stay overnight, thank goodness, but we made it home about 1 AM. I didn't make it to the dentist for that filling. We get to go back to the Dr in the morning for another check on her foot.

She was unhappy about getting the IV put in, and almost as unhappy about it coming out. (she doesn't like to see the blood AT ALL) but the nurses in both cases did a great job of keeping it quick and to a minimum. She's exhausted. We're exhausted. But hopefully, getting it out of my system will help me relax enough to sleep.

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Fran said...

Ohmygod, how scary and awful! Do they have any idea what's causing it?

Keep us posted, and I hope ALL of you get some rest and feel better!