Monday, July 6, 2009

it's the journey

That's what is important, right?

So our trip has been mostly good. Ron had a major allergy attack, and didn't feel well some of the time. Still, we have traveled safely, and saw the people we needed to see. That was important.

Sure we've spent extra time on the road. We stopped on the way out since we had a later start than anticipated, and we stopped on the way home since we could. And we were tired and ready to be out of the car for a while.

Can't say I'm such a big fan of hotels and motels. I know there are people who are, but not me. Oh sure, someone comes in and cleans up after you (if the next guest is lucky) but there is just not enough of "home" there. I was spoiled for that with the trailer travel my family did while I was growing up, and through my 20's. You get used to that bed, and you can sleep. You have your stuff so you feel more comforted. You know who cleaned up after whom, doing what, if you know what I mean...

All that being said, I'm very glad not to have to be fighting to stay awake while I drive, or trying to find a comfortable position for a but that is just done with that seat. We'll be home tomorrow, and that will be soon enough.

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Fran said...

Oh now see, Lillian and I love trips and we love hotels and motels. Although we're finicky about them, and we now carry a special bottom sheet that can be attached to any bed 'cause I'm psychotic about sheets. Not cleanliness but softness.

Still, trips like that aren't for everyone and I can see why that would be difficult for you.

Welcome home! You were missed.