Saturday, April 14, 2012

spring sprung

The wind blew here today. Man, did it ever. Brown air everywhere. I teased my friend from Arizona about spotting some of her laundry flying by my window.

I did my usual chores, and I did a little sewing. Even had Raine's friend over for a while. Over all, though, I just kind of took it easy.Really kind of had a "me" day. Or as close as it gets with a house and I kid to take care of. I certainly didn't go rushing around. It felt nice.

I hope it kind of served to destress me a little. Some preventative maintainance, if you will. The month before the end of school is a stressful time. The kids want to quit working (if they haven't all ready) and yet, they want that A. But really, some want it as a present, because you like them. There is still so much material to cover, and so little time to do it in. Still, though, the process can not be rushed. It is what it is. Better to cover what you can well, than rush through everything. Even knowing that, and being able to articulate it, doesn't mean there isn't stress involved, though. I'm sure those who are teachers among us - or have been - know that all too well.

So, I'm trying to learn to deal with my stress in increments, instead of letting it build until I melt down. Writing about things I stress about, excercise,sewing and being creative and working on my relationship skills are all things that help. Heck, acknowledging to myself that there are everyday stresses and I can actually do something to help deal with them in a positive way is a step in the right direction.

So, here's to spring, and though that deep house cleaning may be pointless - at least until the wind stops -  perhaps there is hope for some emotional decluttering.

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