Wednesday, April 4, 2012

making noise

Part of the ninth grade curriculum includes the Epic. That means reading part of The Odyssey. Or watching the movie, which is what we generally do. We watch the most recent version, with Armand Assante playing Odysseus, and it isn't a bad film. The student often get caught up in the action, and actually pay attention to what is going on. But, I've watched the film a LOT. Let's see...almost 9 years of English 1. Once a semester, twice a year, and however many English 1 classes I have... Yeah, a lot.

So, I've gotten to the nit-picky point. One of the things I wish they had done with this film is to hire some musicians. Would it have killed them to have actual melodies any of the times they have people singing/drumming/dancing? How about words? OK, I could do without the words. Melodies, I really want. The guy who is famous for his flute playing? Maybe he could do more that warble random notes.  It becomes noise. It has become noise.

The other thing that bothers me with this film are Penelope's and Odysseus costumes. They are so... plain. I mean I get the whole wearing rags because of the adventures and all, but he is supposed to be a king, and Penelope is a queen, and home, and still... too plain. Too simple. (and really, the crotch shots? OMG!)

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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