Wednesday, April 18, 2012

t shirt dress

Remember those? I don't remember wearing one, but I've made one or two for various young girls I've known and/or been related to.

I want one. Is that crazy? Are they that out of style that they've come back on my radar? At least I know I can make it, and for cheap, too. An inexpenxive t-shirt, and fabric from my stash.

Why would I want one of these? Well, I've been thinking about my summer wardrobe. Just because I don't have the legs for shorts, doesn't mean I don't want to wear some now and again. Coolness, and I'm not talking style here. I remember those days as a kid when a dress and shorts were typical summer wear. Easy, comfy and lots of air flow...

So I'm going to make me one. And if I like it, I'll make some more. Casual, comfy, but presentable in public (at least I hope so...) Making one for Roxanne, too. The skirts are put together, and just need to be gathered onto the t-shirts, and hemmed. Embellishment of said shirts may be in order as well.

Here's what we have so far...

purple shirt, flowery skirt
purple shirt, purple on white stripe

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Fran said...

They can be mega-comfy, so go ahead and have a blast with 'em!