Tuesday, April 10, 2012

computer crash for easter

Raine's decorated egg collection.
Over the weekend, my hard drive crashed. Ouch! Wah!

Thank goodness Ron is good at computers, and he has the computer - if not that hard drive - back up and running, now with a different hard drive. Thank goodness it had been wonky for a while, so most things were backed up on an external hard drive that I've had for a while thing. Most things.

Raine hunting eggs.
Its still an emotional upheaval because MY THINGS ARE IN THERE! GIVE THEM BACK!!!

Now comes the time for finding all of my favorites again. And building my folders again. And backing things up. Again. Sigh.

Thank goodness I did have other things to distract me this weekend, though...
Ginger watching Raine hunt eggs.

1 comment:

Fran said...

Oh ouch indeed! And yay for external hard drives!

But also yay for Raine and hidden, funky Easter eggs, which are wonderful!