Friday, March 30, 2012

weekend hopeful

Made it through the testing week. At least the first one. There are still kids testing next week (including Raine, I think) and LOTS of make-up testing, but things will be more normal next week. Well, except that testers are using my classroom, and I won't be. It's good, though, I'll have something for them to do in the computer lab, and that's where we'll be.

I'm hoping, this weekend, to get some sewing done. I know. It IS a surprise. HA. I've been wanting to make some bags. Something like tote bags or shopping type bags. Of course I could use a new purse. Have you seen the one I've been toting around? Shameful I tell you! But that isn't on my list today. Then, if I can remember to take pictures, I want to blog about the bag(s). Or at least the progress made.

Then, there's Easter next weekend. I have some planning to do for that. Some shopping. We'll probably dye some eggs since we enjoy doing that, and eating them afterwards, as well. Ron will actually, coincidentally, have the weekend off, so we might even "do it up" is some low-key way. Have a nice ham dinner or something.

So, sleeping in and laundry, ironing and cutting fabric, sewing sewing sewing... and a lovely weekend. At least until the wind starts bringing in the landscape from Arizona again on Sunday...

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