Wednesday, March 28, 2012

get through it

Its testing season in school. You know, the big stakes, the mandated, the SBA. We have sophomores and juniors taking the test, and I'm one of the teachers proctoring it. The group I'm working with have been writing, and calculating and generally giving it a decent effort. It's not the strict multiple choice test it used to be. Now you have to do some splaining as well. For days at a time. # days for the sophomores, and then the juniors get one more test besides.

But it isn't just high school students. Raine, in the third grade, faces a grueling, multi-session, multi-day test too. I believe she will do well. I know she CAN do well. It won't be easy though.

The to-do list for the testing season is one item: get through it.

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Fran said...

Were you there the year I lost a classroom's worth of tests? Pretty darned amazing. Not a day I'd want to relive, actually.

You're absolutely right: get through it.