Thursday, March 8, 2012

runway allstars

I did so look forward to the season of Project Runway All Stars. I've enjoyed the few episodes that I have caught, but, for some reason, I haven't caught all that many. I did watch a couple this evening, though. The two leading up to the finals. The last three designers: Micheal, Mondo, & Austin.

There are a few things about this program that I like, besides the things that I love about Project Runway in general. The challenges I watched tonight were different. And GOOD. Good creatively, and good for these all stars. I liked the vibe between the designers better. At least on the episodes I've seen. It's friendlier, in a way, although there is still definitely competition. There is definitely emotional maturity, and probably creative maturity evident in the designers that wasn't always there during their previous seasons. It was an interesting mix of talent and esthetic for this series.

There are also some things that I miss. While I think the mentor they have this season is an excellent one, I miss Tim Gunn. I also miss the PR judges. That being said, I think the fresh eye of the new panel is valuable, and probably makes the competition aspect better. Still...

Over-all, though, I just find it a little... disappointing. Maybe these guys are just too good now. The drama seems more staged (and I could do without it in general, anyway) and there are really very few disasters. Maybe if I had watched more episodes, and gotten into the who's out now aspect that can create a lovely tension, I would be happier. Guess I'll just have to wait for the reruns!

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