Saturday, March 17, 2012

(p)interesting (p)inspiration

I recently joined pinterest. I think I may have one picture pinned there. If I got it to work right. Not sure I did. I keep thinking, well, I should look for some pictures to post over there. I don't just want to look at other people's board and repin what they have. Oh, I'll look and enjoy and even sometimes drool. I just don't want to copy. Well, that and some of that seems so... circular. Pin what x pinned, then y pinned it, so I pinned it, then... pretty soon everyone's pinned it... and then everyone is bored by it. Or something.

Anyway, I think the idea of collecting inspiration, and even being able to share it is fabulous. People find fascinating stuff on the internets and share it freely. Cool.

Today, my friend and I went to a Arts and Crafts Show. It was a juried show, organized by (in part) a local jeweler. It wasn't huge, but a nice size, with over a hundred artists. They even had an art area for kids (probably to help keep them from handling every item in every booth) and had several activities lined up for the kids to work on. Raine had a blast drawing there.

While she made her own art, Cindy and I walked through the booths. Oh. My. Goodness. It was a fabulous show. There were potters, and fiber artists and sculptors, painters and photographers, stained glass, and a glassblower, and a bead maker, and I guy who made cut paper miniatures. I could have dropped a couple hundred dollars there and been very pleased with what I got. I didn't, though. I couldn't. I did come away with some inspiration, though. The creativity on display was awesome. I sincerely hope these artists made the money they need to be willing to come back again next year.

I walked through the show wishing for a camera, and wanting to pin this tile with a ceramic "frame" and that vase with the Asian inspired waves, the texture of delicate coppery leaves. The colors were vibrant, the movement was captivating. Wow.

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Fran said...

The art show sounds fabulous! It's the sort of thing I know I'd've wanted to stroll along with you to enjoy!

About Pinterest, a lot of it is circular, that's true. But it's fun to add new things. The best part, for me, is periodically looking at the shelves I've created. They're like a snapshot of who I am at this moment -- the things I like, what amuses me, touches me, inspires me. In a weird way, it's mini finding-myself therapy without the expensive shrink!