Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I started off this summer thinking I would blog, blog, blog. Maybe take a little time off for vacation, but, a lot of writing.

Hmmmm wonder where that went? In fact I've been feeling a little guilty that I haven't blogged sooner and more, at this point.

I've been making things. I started a cross stitch project in June that I finished last week. One of a set with conji on them. Yeah I probably spelled that wrong. Chinese lettering, though. I have been reluctant to work on cross stitch for a while, due in part to  issues with my progressive lenses, but this pair of glasses seems to be working out better for me, and I thought I would give it a try with something not too big or complex. It went well, and I'll probably work on some more, while I'm saving up for framing.

I've been knitting that green scarf as well. Each row goes very quickly, but the needles are so small that there are a LOT of rows. I do like the effect of those small needles, though, and am happy with how it is turning out, although some (including me sometimes) might think it too plain. I'll have to reserve my final judgement on that score until I see the finished product.

I've sewn. I made some clothes for my neice, for Raine, and for me. I've helped Roxanne with some more. I even cut out a new camp shirt for me last weekend. I made tote bags! I went mad for making tote bags! I have three more in the works at the moment, even.

I've been creative, and it has been a good part of my summer.

I got a new job, this summer, as well. I really dislike job hunting. It is one of the worst parts of working. At least, in my opinion. The job hunt this summer, once the application process was complete - and it was, of course, a pain - the rest was fairly painless, and I have a new job that I am really happy to have, working with people that I enjoy working with. The drive to work is quick, and my stress level has dropped significantly.

So, why not writing? What happened to that? I just don't know.


Linda said...

I've certainly missed your writings for sure but sounds like you've been very busy and very creative with other things so you're forgiven lol.

Fran said...

Blogs are needy things, and they can demand from you until you're bone dry. Sometimes you have to find other creative outlets, and it sounds like you have. Good for you!