Sunday, November 8, 2015

that Ren Fair weekend

This was the annual Ren Fair weekend. Since I'm not as active in the SCA as I used to be, I don't feel compelled to go, generally. And then there are the memories, and it isn't like that anymore. Except there are people there that I like to say hi to. I also like to see the wares. The artisans bring their wares from all over, and then they are all over the park. Beautiful stuff. Kitchy stuff. Kettle corn (at least two vendors this year - and no lines?!?) The henna booth. Wish I had time for one. So pretty.

We took a quick tour around the park. They've made some improvements! More restrooms at various locations around the park. Looked like some of the picnic tables had been redone as well. The dragon wasn't in the pond this year though - seemed to be in "dry dock" - installed beside the pond.There seemed to be more food vendors this year, but the fudge people were no-where in sight. Sigh. Not that I needed fudge anyway, but memories.

We got some Christmas shopping done, and Ron got his birthday present. Only a month late, but stuff, you guys, stuff has been going on. Stuff. Anyway, he got to pick it out himself, which makes him happy.

There were stuffed dragons, too. We have gotten some each year we've found them there. Raine and Ron picked one out each. There were only about ten to choose from by the time we got there. None of them were calling my name on this trip. I got some Dragon Lady art instead. Cute!

So, for a quick trip around the park, we had a good couple of hours in some nice fall weather. Not a bad way to spend some time on a Sunday.

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