Saturday, July 14, 2012

myrtle beach

Part two of our vacation found us in Myrtle Beach. Our beach front hotel gave us quick access to the beach and the ocean, and for as many people as were everywhere, we didn't have too much trouble finding a spot to hang out on the beach, or in the water. We had a balcony that we could see the ocean from, and I totally missed the opportunity to take a photo from there. I enjoyed sitting out and listening to the waves, and watching the water, but nope, not a photo.

Of course we didn't spend all our time on the beach. There was too much to do. One day, we went to the water park where there were slides, a "lazy river" current pool to ride around on inner tubes, a wave pool, and bumper boats. I did get some photos, but really, no one but Raine would appreciate the bathing suit shots, so...

Some of Raine's favorite activities were at a "camp" where the hotel had set up some things for kids to do. There was fishing if you got there early enough (which we did not), archery and target shooting with pellet guns, a zip line and some horses. There weren't many kids there when we went, so there was a lot of attention, and chances to try the different activities several times with little waiting. Raine's favorites were:

the zip line, Whhhheeeeeee!

and getting to ride each of the horses.

We also went to the aquarium, and had a good time exploring the marine life. We ate delicious seafood, and enjoyed our stay at the beach with Ron's family.

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