Thursday, December 6, 2012

get out the comfy quilt

Yesterday, toward the end of the school day, it hit me. A 24 hour type bug. Both of my brothers have been out with a flu, both for several days. I'm happy that mine was not as long or intense. Still, when you don't feel good, you just need some comfort. I got out the quilt that Grannie made for me.

Grannie gave me this quilt when I was in jr high or high school. It spent every winter on my bed up through the time I got married. Then, its age started catching up to it... a chewed corner from Dixie when we first got her. Some of the blocks have fabric that is nearly transparent now, or extremely delicate. I love this quilt so much, I didn't just want it to fall apart! So, it is on the shelf, now, most of the time.

Yesterday evening, it came off the shelf, and I wrapped up in it. It was almost like I could get a hug from my grannie, and my mom, who would do the comforting in person, if they could.

One of the reasons I make things is that feeling. I give the things I make to people I care about and I hope - even occasionally - that they can remember something warm about me, and think of me a little. Fondly. I hope they can get some comfort, if they need it, and make it through the night.

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