Wednesday, February 20, 2013

what I need

Here we are, racing through February. I've become - more or less - accustomed to the no prep period I have this semester. Valentine's Day was survived. Windy days like today. Teaching Macbeth (I think this might be my favorite of his plays, actually, there is so much to it). The lot.

But I still need something.

I need a kick in the butt.

Last year in February, and all through the spring, I was riding that exercise bike 3 or so days a week. Half an hour. Not every moment or anything. I could feel the difference in my health, in my joints, and in my weight. This year, although I need it every bit as badly, I am not. For some reason, I just can't talk myself into getting started on it.

I have all those same good arguements that I had last year, that were working. I even have the knowledge of the benefit I got from the activity. And there the bike sits. And here I sit. I'm not happy about it, and I know it is rather whiney to complain about something I'M DOING TO MYSELF. And here I sit, doing that. THAT I can talk myself into. Regular exercise, not so much. ARGH!

Evidently I need an external push of some kind to tip me over the edge of excercise... can anyone give me what I need? Anyone got some kick my butt?

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