Wednesday, February 27, 2013

hulu fail

A couple of years ago, I got hooked on Burn Notice by watching the first season on Hulu. It was easy and convenient while I was sitting near my computer, but working on something else (I don't even remember what that was). Sure there were a few commercials, but comparitively few, and the show ran smoothly and the next episode started as soon as the current one was through. I told people about Hulu. I considered it a go-to for series viewing on computer.

It's been a while since I used it though. Until last night. I tried to watch the last couple of episodes of Castle, and folks, I could only get through one. It kept... well I'll be generous with the intent, and say freezing up. About every time the commercials would play (up to 3 from the 1 I previously experienced, but still fewer than if I was watching TV), the screen would go dark... not the whole computer screen, but the Hulu page "screen." I would wait. Is it loading? Doesn't seem to be. OH! hit the button for the show again... no, not the start arrow, the button that shows the episode. It would start again... with some more commercial time. REALLY?!?!

I was annoyed. Can you tell? From that experience there is NO WAY I would actually pay for that service, much less recommend to anyone else that they watch for free. I certainly won't be watching there any time soon.

Wonder where else I can find this week's episode of Castle...  At least Google is stil my friend.

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