Monday, March 11, 2013

Wild Wild West Con - steampunk adventure

This past weekend, Ron, Raine and I travelled to Tucson, and went to a Steampunk convention at Old Tucson Studios. It is, pretty much, the perfect venue for a Steampunk convention. This year was the second Wild Wild West Con, the first being two years ago. We went to that one, too, and had a good time. This year blew that one completely out of the water, though.

This year, even though the weather was a little spotty, there were many more people. In fact, on Sunday we had to park in the overflow lot. The organization was a lot better and the events were much easier to find. It also helped that it was not a split venue. There were several entertainers who led seminars and then went out and had fun themselves, which in turn made the Con even more fun.

This is Professor Elemental getting "held up" (his idea of a fun photo)
When we walked in the first day, one of the first people we saw, was the Steampunk Boba Fett, and Raine was very excited to see Boba Fett. Later that day, he approached her to see if she wanted to get her picture taken with him. He was very nice and talked to a great many people that day...
thumbs up for Boba Fett, steampunk style
We got to several of the semenars we wanted to attend, and when we didn't get to one, it was mainly because we were otherwise engaged having fun. The time went by so quickly! We took our friend's daughter that first day when we took Raine, and they both had a blast in the kids' area, making puppets after watching a puppet show. The park was open for visitors and they had the attractions going, like the old fashioned cars.

Raine thinks she's a great driver all ready...
We rode on the stagecoach, too. The take a little tour of Old Tucson. There is also a little train that does a curcuit around the park. That's fun, too.
all aboard for Dodge!
We were quite entertained by the tea duels. Just who WOULD be able to dunk their cookie and hold it the longest and nom it without splooging?!?! The entertainment in the streets was very cool, too...
a stilt giraffe to help remind us that Steam Powered Giraffe would  be playing
Friday and Saturday night there were concerts. They were a lot of fun. We got to see wide range of entertainment including some belly dancing, and a variety show from the League of S.T.E.A.M. Our favorites were the chaphop rap of Professor Elemental,
the robot rock of Steam Powered Giraffe,
They might be robots... (not)
and then Abney Park totally blew us away...
they were having so much fun, they didn't want to leave... 
The weekend totally flew by. We had a BLAST and really want to go again next year.

Ron got his steam on. Abney Park band members in the background.


Linda said...

That sure looks like a lot of fun. Love the pic's.

Fran said...

What great fun you had! Thank you for sharing!

katyayan vedant said...

Wow.. You had a great time!!