Friday, March 29, 2013

sigh for friday

Today did not seem like a very productive day, although there were haircuts, and lunch with my brother, and family dinner. I've loaded some photos into Pinterest of our trip to Wild West Steampunk Convention. I was hoping to see more online, but found only a few people had linked to their facebook page. It inspired me to go ahead and post mine. I should link them there, too, I guess. I enjoyed looking at the photos I found there.

Easter is sneaking up on me and I don't feel like I'm ready. There is a part of me that is resistant to the Easter preparations. The part that misses Dad, who passed right after Easter, was it 6 years ago? We still dye eggs, because we enjoy it. I boiled up a couple dozen, and we'll work on them sometime tomorrow. We were going to have our family dinner, but it has turned into a pot luck at some friends' house. Not too many people, and definitely nothing fancy or formal. Just the kind of get-together I enjoy. It certainly feels better to me. I better find our plastic easter eggs, to load up for Raine, too. She still gets a kick out of finding them, so out they will go.

Tomorrow, I hope to get some seing time with Roxanne, but honestly, it will probably be more planning and maybe some cutting out for her. I'll be glad when that part is done, and the sewing can actually commence.

I've been good about my exercise goal, and have gotten on that pike every day so far this week. I'll be climbing on it again when I'm done typing here. It's still feeling good to do it and giving me some good positive feedback. I have a couple amigurumi to finish up, photo and post this weekend. And - of course - all the normal household chores. It's definitely been a good week, and I'm a little sorry to see it end.

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