Wednesday, April 17, 2013

windy spring day

Hello all my friends who used to live in New Mexico and don't any more. Today was one of those days that you just DON'T miss about NM. The wind blew. A lot. And there was dirt in the air.

I'm west of I 25, looking south east
See how the sky kind of matches the ground? Notice that you don't see the mountains? If I had taken a better picture, you could notice barely seeing the mall across the highway on the right-hand side of the photo. Let me tell you something... this photo was taken after the winds started to die down, and the visibility increased. Yeah. THAT kind of day.

Raine went on a field trip today. The fourth-graders from her school went downtown, visited the farmer's market, and several museums. When we were asking her about her day, and asked if she got hot walking around outside, she said no, "there was a bit of a breeze." A bit of a breeze.

This is what comes of letting your children grow up in NM, people!


Linda said...

"a bit of a breeze" lol that's too funny. Seems the wind is very prevalent all over the US.

Fran said...

LOL! You're absolutely right, we don't miss it at all. But so glad it doesn't faze Raine in the slightest!