Thursday, March 28, 2013

still cutting up... uh... out

So I still have the cutting table out with fabric on it, but the living room has been tidied up. I have Raine's red shorts to cut out, and a new other shirt to cut out for her as well. (We ALL ended up at Jo-ann's today...) I got fabric for two new shirts for me as well. I got that fabric all washed & dried. We'll see how much gets ironed and cut out tomorrow. We're running out of spring break, people!

Other accomplishments for today? Got eggs for dying. We usually dye a couple dozen because it is fun and creative. We don't hide them, because that gets messy, and then you can't make them into devilled eggs. We have devilled eggs, because they are yummy.

We got some new fish. A new Beta, who is white and green. Raine suggested naming him Jewels, and I think I'll go with it, but as Jules. I like the Jules Verne twist on it. Way to go, Raine! She got some Gourami for her tank. They are more social than Betas are, but it is a small tank. We went with two. Don't know what she named them, yet.

There are still a few more things I want to get done before we are back to the school routine. Fire up my new grill. Go eat enchilada's with the extended family. Finish up the grading I brought home. Working on my smart board is still looming over my head, but it may be the thing that "gives" this week.

Tomorrow is hair cut day. Shorter for summer for Raine. I also have to remember to warn the stylist that her hair falls where it will, and do a bangs test on it... I'll get mine trimmed too, while we're at it. But before we go, I need to sleep in Just. One. More. Time.

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