Monday, March 25, 2013

spring break? i have goals!

Did you know that certain types of diabetic insulin medication can make you fat? Great news isn't it? Just what us diabetics need. So, why do I now know this? Because I have been talking to my Doctor about alternatives. Ron's insurance changes this year affected more than our co-pay, and the new cost for Januvia - which I have been taking for several years now, and have been controlling my diabetes with - is about $250 per month now. Per. Month. You see, it doesn't have a generic version. So, now I'm taking one that does.

Since not all of the medications work the same way, the effective dosage of one may or may not be the effective dosage of another. Since the first medication I took made me nauseous, there is a chance for other side effects as well. Yay. So yeah, a little bit of a rant here in my mind.

On the other hand, I've taken up monitoring my blood sugar again. Something I should do anyway. And the new med may need some adjustment, but seems pretty close dosage wise, so far.

That brings me to my first goal for spring break. Bringing exercise back into my day. Last year, I was riding the stationary bike 3-4 times a week, and I was feeling stronger, and less arthritic in my hips and knees. My A1C blood test came in at a very good level. It felt good. But of course it is a habit that is easy for me to break. And I did. I've been trying to talk myself into starting again, but even reminding myself of all the positive feedback I was getting from the exercise, I couldn't manage to get on the bike.

Until last Saturday. I did it. Then again on Sunday, and again today. My goal is at least 15 minutes every day of spring break. All ready, my hips feel better. That's a big deal in the positive feedback column. Next week, my goal will be to go for 20 minutes.

I met another goal for this week as well. I drove to Alamogordo to visit my elderly cousins. They are very dear, and I love them, but of course it is not convenient to drive an hour there and another hour back for the couple of hours that they can tolerate at this point for a visit. It is evident that they need the contact though, and we are the closest family members, so Carl & I are stepping up for it. Last week, one of them said, "you just don't know what it is like to have elderly relatives, do you." Well, actually, I do. Yes, my parents both died in their early 70's, but 3 out of 4 of our grandparents lived into their 90's. My dad's mother lived with him the last few years of her life, and I helped him with her - of course.

I had a nice visit today, and go to talk and go over some family history stuff. I've been wanting to do that, so that was excellent, and my cousin seemed eager to do some more, and that would be fun for us to do together, and a good excuse to go see them more often. Win/win for both of us!

Tomorrow, getting ready for this summer's sewing. Time to get out the patterns, and do some cutting. There are a few other goals I have in mind, too, but I'm so glad the week is starting off so well!

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