Monday, July 1, 2013

cleaning up my act

Well, we've come to that portion of summer dedicated to REALLY cleaning out the places in my world (home) that mostly get a lick (or maybe not that so much) and a promise the rest of the year. Today my computer desk area has been that place.

There was that awkward moment when I was sweeping up dust bunnies, and I had to scrutinize to make sure it WAS a dust bunny, not a mouse carcass or something equally repellant. As if the dust bunnies aren't repellent enough. Oh, yeah, and don't judge. (ok, maybe a little, but not loudly, please).

Since I was right here by the computer, I started up some netflicks, and that helped put something in the background while I was sorting and dusting and murphy's oil soaping... and doing laundry as well. Also helped my not get distracted by the other things on my computer.

Oh, and I got to look through a lot of photos of Raine when she was younger (a baby mostly...awwww). That can't be a bad thing. A distraction, yes, but not a bad thing.

I still have some sorting to do, but I'm doing a pretty good job of sorting things OUT of the house. Yay. That sure helps with the feeling of accomplishment, I think. Oh, sure there is more to do tomorrow, but there has been progress made today definitely.

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