Wednesday, July 3, 2013

still sorting

The piles of papers are becoming organized and disappearing into the file boxes. I've spent quality time with my shredder, and plan to spend more tomorrow. Things are really starting to come together. Really. Whew!

Have a ever mentioned that I am very uncomfortable watching the show Hoarders? I'm not there. Thank goodness. But, I _could_ get there some day. I know how that stuff starts. I can see where those people come from, and it is a road I do not want to take. I never want to be the inspiration for an episode of that show. EVER.

With some practice, this divesting myself of some of that stored stuff is getting a little easier. 20-year-old paperwork? GONE! The less mess, the less STUFF feels good. Sometimes that is a surprise as the default setting has been that the familiar - the held on to - is comforting.

Is it one of those things? As a Taurus, I know I have trouble letting go of people. Letting them go on with their lives which are not mine to hold on to. I am conscious of that being MY issue, and not theirs, or one that should concern them. I'm dealing with it, and trying to be mature about it (with sometimes mixed results).  Is it that way for stuff too? hmmmm. Might have to think about that a little.

In the mean time, sorting and reorganizing, and the cleaning feels GOOD!

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