Tuesday, August 13, 2013

back to work

Where did July go? Here it is August, and school starts tomorrow. With students, and everything. We had so much inservice this year. 6 days. Even though some of it was working in our classrooms, there was a lot of not working in our rooms. We weren't even in our building today, or yesterday morning. A lot of it was repititious. I guess that isn't much different than most times, though. Honestly, I'm ready to have students if that means I won't have to go to inservice tomorrow.

Raine is NOT ready to go back to school. Mentally. Physically she is, and she has her supplies and clothes and haircut. Her friends will be there too. Her campus is having more major building going on this year, which is a pain, but makes its own memories.

I did a bit of creative stuff through July, and have more lined up (of course). I've made friends with Netflix on the Wii and worked on a few new (to me) television series the past month. I read. Man, did I read. Two of the books in the Game of Thrones series and 1,000+ pages a pop. Then, there are the Neil Gaiman books. Oh, and did I mention Jack Reacher? He rather reminds me of Travis McGee, in a way. So expect some reviews over the next few weeks, OK?

SO, what is on the to-do list for today? Make it through the first day of school!


Fran said...

I like the fact that you picked up on the Reacher/McGee aspect. We have Lee Child's books in the same special corner with John D. MacDonald's just for that reason. I do love a good knight errant!

Here's hoping your new classes are filled with eager overachievers and very little administrative interference!

Dina said...

I always thought Magnum, P.I. had a little McGee in him too, even though he was not as much of a lone wolf.

Speaking of John D MacDonald, though, have you read his the science fiction he wrote? I actually found those books BEFORE the Travis McGee ones, and loved them. Especially _Wine of the Dreamers_.