Monday, August 19, 2013

tv on netflix - reviews

I have this thing with tv. I don't always find the series that I would like to watch. That is what reruns are good for, right? That is what happened for me with Quantum Leap. Totally didn't watch it first run. Loved it in reruns (where, by the way, my loyalty does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for ratings numbers or the odds that the show will be picked up for the next season or canceled. You're welcome.)

This summer, I started watching a show called The Dead Zone, based off of Stephen King's novel, and starring Anthony Micheal Hall, who also produces. Yeah, from Pretty in Pink, and those movies. Only, all grown up. Nice transition there, AMH.

Through the summer, I watched an episode almost every day. Some days two, but I didn't want to burn through them. I've enjoyed it, on the whole. The acting is decent, the writing servicable, and the plotsare reasonable with the trope that is given. Yes, Johnny has to have a vision, and - mostly - work on preventing it from becoming reality. Occasionally, he looks for clues to solve some mystery from the past, as well. For several seasons now, we have an arching story about a senator who may bring about armegeddon. They add a little to that story arch each season, and while I don't really think those are the best episodes, they have served to progress the series as a whole somewhat.

I worked through the season of Once Upon a Time this summer, as well. Over all, I would say I liked this series better, although the trope of fairy tales coming into the modern world evidently didn't fare well enough for there to be more than one season. It got to be a little... far fetched, I guess. Maybe miniseries instead of series? Still, I am a fairy tale reader from way back, so there were things I enjoyed.

Recently, I started watching Saving Grace. Not particularly child-friendly for all that it is/was network television. Holly Hunter stars and produces. The premise for this show seems a little muddled. She's a cop, so we're solving crimes, but she's also got an angel trying to "save" her. The solving crimes seems to provide more plot movement than the angel. But it's named for the angel business... not sure how it is working for me. One thing, though, the theme song rocks. What? The theme song? Yeah. I think that may be my favorite part of this series. Oh, and Holly? eat a sandwich!

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