Wednesday, August 14, 2013

winter is coming

Game of Thrones

Love it.

Not for kids.

If you aren't already on the Game of Thrones bandwagon, there are the two things you absolutely need to know. If you don't want spoilers, then that may be all you want to read of this post.

Ron and I watched season 2 this summer, when Raine was out of the house. Yes I know there is season 3, and when we pick it up on disk, we will catch up with that. We enjoyed season 2, and all the King making and breaking that was going on.

I've now read three of the five novels, as well. The first novel was good enough, although there were so many points of view it was sometimes hard to keep track of who was connected to whom. And then of course my favorite character was killed off. NNOOOoooooo!!!!! Still, I think that was a necessarily gateway into the rest of the story(ies). When I got to the end of book one, I was ready to set the series aside for a while and read other things.

When I picked up Book 2 this summer, It was easier to get into the various characters and their stories. It seemed the true action had begun, and I enjoyed it. I was ready to delve into the third book right as I finished the second, and I was not disappointed. Now that I have finished that one, I really want to dig into book 4, but school has started, and I need to pay attention to other things. Other. Things.


Now, to tie the books to the series, I think they've done a pretty decent job. No, they haven't used every detail of every story from the various books, but I think they've done thoughtful editing, in general. And really, how many cut-off noses do you really want to see? Yeah, same for me. I appreciate that they have kept the intent of the novels, and the feel of them. They've also managed to keep the breadth of them as well.

Still, each novel is 1000+ pages. I would think that would be PLENTY of fodder for a season of story. We were watching season 2, and as I read into book 3, there were some story lines showing up. I would think they could have kept a season to a novel pacing. There are 5 novels, and I can easily see 5 or more seasons for the series. Lets not rush tooooo much here, OK? I want to be able to savor some of this video story telling, and there is material there, folks. Lots of it!

My recommendation? Read the novels AND watch the series. If you can't face 5,000-6,000 pages, then you can feel reassured that at least through season 2, the series is staying fairly true to the books. Once you've enjoyed the series, and you still want MORE Game of Thrones, pick up the books anyway.

No, not me, not yet... School, Dina, school. THEN, more Game of Thrones.

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