Saturday, May 24, 2014

the official start of summer vacation

School is done for the season. Now for a nice Memorial Day weekend. We will appreciate the efforts and sacrifices of the veterans we know and love, and others who also have helped defend and protect our country. Thank you!

Carl and I will also go visit our elderly cousins in Alamogordo, appreciating the fact that we are able to do so, and help out people who have meant so much to us through the years.

I'm also working on Raine's summer wardrobe, which is sadly limited at the moment. Until I finish. I'm sewing for her, of course. Pants and shorts seem to be what she likes me to make for her. This year, after we went through her pant drawer, and it looked so very empty, I took her to the fabric store and let her pick out five fabrics for shorts. I think her choices were fabulous, and some were quite unexpected for me. Not shocking - like frilly and pink or anything - just unexpected. In a good way. I finished the second pair today, an orange fall print that isn't too specifically fall, and I think she will enjoy as shorts.

fall fabric that can work year 'round
When I finished them, I had her try them on, and I took a few photos. She could hardly stand still long enough to get a shot.
The best shot of the shorts is not the best shot of a child in motion...
How old are you when taking a picture of your backside is not something that you mind? Well, evidently at 11 you still aren't too self conscious to giggle and shake it. 

Take a picture of my butt, Mom!
could you just stand still for a moment???
Three more pair to sew up!

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Linda said...

Yeaaaaa schools out lol. Love the orange pants - my favorite color. Can't wait to see her in her new clothes