Tuesday, April 29, 2014

that's my girl!

Kids - from day one - are their own people. Any mom will tell you that. There are days that I wonder where this alien creature came from, with her won't eat onions, and keeping candy all year (???) and such.

Then there are days, like today, when I know exactly who's kid she is. She is MINE.

I walked into her bedroom and found this stack of books on her bed.

discarded library books
She got to bring some home, and she picked out - and carried - a pile. A girl after my own heart. Her choices are different than mine would be, but they so did not surprise me. Let's see... snakes

look what I got, Mom!
... and more snakes...

and this one!
...and reptiles, and raptors and finally...

badgers badgers badgers
Yep! Thats my girl, all right.


Linda said...

Well a person just cannot have toooo many books lol. Not my choice of subject matter either.

Fran said...

She's a biologist of some flavor, but a scientist for certain!