Saturday, September 10, 2011

giving it a go

I keep signing in, and staring at the page. I want to write, and yet, I've just had to give it some space. Many of the issues foremost in my head are not issues to share here, really.

Ron and I are talking. We visited the church we were both most comfortable with, and asked about counceling. The pastor took the time to talk to us right then, which we both were touched by and grateful for. We will talk to him a couple more times while we arrange for insurance covered sessions. It feels good that we started that process.

I've graded papers, and done laundry (including a couple of the sets of curtains from my bedroom) and even rearranged some of the furniture in the bedroom. I'll do some more tomorrow, but getting the room cleaned well, and rearranged will be cathartic and comforting. A couple of friends came over this evening and Carl and I played canasta with them. Life gets lived.

I'm looking forward to an afternoon of sewing with Roxanne tomorrow. I still have another pair of pants and another pair of shorts to finish for Raine. Then we start on other things, maybe a few quilt squares, and we have plenty to cut out, right now, thanks to all the fabric and pattern matching that we did on Monday.

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