Sunday, September 18, 2011

green chile roast

The green chile season is upon us. I've seen pictures and facebook posts of friends getting or roasting their chile. Carl and I had been discussing that, and had decided that this weekend was the weekend for our stocking up.

It was a good thing we did, too. Sam's was out. Albertson's near our house? Also out, roaster already put away. Oh no! Fortunately Fiesta Mart is still roasting. The line wasn't too long, but it still took about an hour to get through it.

Now, though? Now, we have a drawer full of yummy, roasted green chile in the freezer. Almost 2 dozen quart bags of plump and meaty roasted green chile. Oh it smells so good, green chile. I had a burrito for lunch, after I bagged them. I'll have another one tomorrow, because there was enough stuffing to put one aside for a burrito to take to school. MMMmmmmmm....

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