Wednesday, June 6, 2012

all quiet... too quiet?

On Monday I took Shelbi home, and left Raine to visit for a few days in T or C. She must be having a good time, there, too. She didn't even call until this evening. The had gone to see Dark Shadows today, which she seemed to like. She's gotten to ride Shelbi's horse, pet the cats, play with the dogs, swim and who knows what else.

This week has been quiet around the house. No one but me asking "What are we going to do now?" Fortunately it's been a long time since I've had any trouble answering that question. There ALWAYS seems to be SOMETHING to do.

The chores, of course. Time for the annual clearing out of Raine's room. She worked on it some last week. She put in an honest, if reluctant, (and supervised) effort, and did some part each day. Ron, was ready to move things around a little. We actually put a smaller bed in her room, so that she would have more room to play in there. Having things picked up and put away will help that as well. That's going to be one of her new weekly chores.Time for her to practice taking care of her things - not that she abuses them as much as she neglects them.

I've gotten some sewing done as well, this week. I've finished a top for Raine, and one for Shelbi. I also got some flannel pajamas done for her as well. In the works are flannal pajama shorts for Raine, and shorts and a top for Shelbi. I'm hoping to get some "fashion show" pictures on Friday because I'll take the clothes to Shelbi when I go to pick up Raine.

I've been enjoying episodes of Downton Abbey, which Carl gave me for my birthday. (Yeah, this is the gift that had to come to NM by way of Hawaii. How does that happen when they started in the continental US????)

It's been calm and quietish here this week, and totally discombobulated as only moving EVERYTHING in a room can be. I'll be glad when Raine is home.


Irsyad Said said...

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Fran said...

Every summer when he was a kid, Ty would go visit my mom for a month. She lived in Portland, so anything less was just too expensive.

I was cool for the first couple of weeks, but after that...? I'd start to fret and get twitchy until he got home.

So yeah, I get the "too quiet". But think of the stories she'll have to tell when you pick her up!