Saturday, June 9, 2012

are you ready for it?

I've been busy at my sewing machines, and I'm almost ready to post my projects over at Createlivity. I didn't get to photograph Shelbi in her new jammies, but i'll include a shot of the fabric. CUTE! I finished a top for her that I just love, love, love. I did take a pic of that, but I won't get to see her in it. But I want to. Maybe they will get a phone pic and send to me. It is a little empire waist top to wear with leggings. She picked out a turquoise fabric with dragonflies all over it. A fabric I have admired for a while, so I'm glad to get to make something out of it. Especially something that turned out that CUTE!

I also have some stuff finished for Raine as well. Hopefully we'll get a shot of her modelling her style. It looks like animal prints are IN this year! I'm really happy to get to sew for the kids, and have some fun with fabrics for them.Pretty soon I'll have to work on some new school uniform pants for Raine for the fall. The pants and shorts I made her last summer worked out so well, and she'll still wear them next year. This year's project is khaki pants & shorts.

So, I'll be doing some more cutting out soon, for the girls. In the mean time, it is bag time for me! I have a couple of bags that have been in my imagination for a while now, and I've been itching to finish them. I keep getting side-tracked, though. For good causes, you understand, but side-tracked none-the-less. I also have a couple more fabric baskets in the works. I think the variety of projects helps keep my creativity fresh.

That and I am procrastinating cleaning out the craft/sewing room.

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Linda said...

Saw the pic's on FB but couldn't find where to post a like to them lol. Yes Raine was definitely modeling the outfits "her style". Hopefully we'll get to see them up close and personal as well. Loved the bag you made with the bicycles.