Wednesday, June 13, 2012

going through it

It is time once again for the boxes to come out, and be gone through, and hopefully go away. Ron pulled out some boxes for me to go through the other day. Last night, I went through one that was marked movies and slides. It was a big box, and daunting to think of having to go through that much of that kind of stuff. When I got the box opened up, it was only about a third full of slides and movies, and the rest was mostly trash. I did find some handy dandy hex wrenches, some small screwdrivers, and some keys.
Not for a brand new pair of roller skates...
I also found a handheld electronic game called Merlin. It made me laugh when I pulled it out of that box, and then, Carl had the same reaction when I gave it to him this afternoon. He put a new set of batteries in it, and it actually worked! 

I'm going to see about digitizing the slides and the movies, if it isn't too costly. May not do it all at once, or anything. Go through them and see which ones we want to get copies of. From what I've seen so far, some are very similar. My idea is to put them on some type of memory card so I can plug it into one of those frames, and have a slideshow of them. Make copies for my brothers, and perhaps other family members who might be interested.

I'm in that purging mindset, but it has taken a while to get through some of this stuff. I think there is only so much of "that place" I can visit at a time. Fortunately most of what I've uncovered has been easily dealt with, in and of itself. Still, the memories can be somewhat bittersweet, remembering people and places that are no more.