Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I have to share my tote bag. I drew up a plan after I had made a few of the fabric baskets, and figured that making a tote would be similar.

I've had the pieced cut out for a while, and finally - after working on kid's clothes for a while - got around to cutting out some lining for the bag. And sewed it up. It is a basic bag, with no pockets or anything, although I will probably experiment with those on my next bag. The whole thing came together well, and has some body to it, and feels nice and strong, although I may put another line of stitching around the top, especially at the handles, but also I've noticed on the baskets that it helps/looks better.

tote and carry!
I added a decorative line of piping. I've been practicing with piping, and I've been using my zipper foot, to get a closer seam. I think it helps. Yes, I know there is a piping foot, but I haven't got one of those, while I DO have a zipper foot.


Linda said...

Are you taking Christmas orders yet lol? I'm thinking of two bags one for each of my sister's for Christmas and I'll pay you for the fabric and your time so just let me know what the cost would be. Something they can use all the time and not just Christmas. If you have any of that bike fabric I know Pam would love that and as for Sheila I'll think on that.

Dina said...

Since I didn't have a lot of either of those fabrics to begin with, I don't have a lot of it left. And then I'm making baskets with what is left. I do have the coordinating fabrics, there is one with roses all over it, and the other has a travel theme. We could shop for fabrics when we are together, which will be soon.

Fran said...

It looks FABULOUS! Congratulations!

Linda said...

Is it quilting material that you use? There's a quilting store around the corner of my office. If you let me know the amount you need then maybe I can look for some material and let you take it back with your after our vacation. I'm getting excited about the vaca already lol. Some of those thingies looked like skate key's.

Dina said...

The fabric I used was a cotton. Easily found in a quilt store, that will often have a wide variety of cute prints and great colors to choose from. It takes about half a yard for the outside of the bag, and another for the lining. I used fat quarters, and had two of the bike fabric and one for the contrast. That is, of course, more than half a yard, but I did have some left over.