Tuesday, June 19, 2012

fresh start

I got a new job. This year, when school starts, I'll be working in a new district, a new school, a new classroom, with a new group of kids. OK, they won't all be NEW, they'll be new to ME.

I'll be teaching at Onate High School, and not driving to Anthony any more. I'll have the same holidays, start and end days, weather days as Raine. I'll have a 10 minute drive to work/home. I'll be working in the community I live in, and contributing to it. I'm happy for the change.

Less than two hours after I was offered - and accepted - the job, my new department head called me on the phone, welcomed me to the department and shared information with me, about the classes I would be teaching and book lists. He offered to meet me at school later in July to make sure I had teacher's editions, and information about what was expected of the students at the grade level I'll be teaching. He made me feel welcomed to that new position. How cool is that?

So tomorrow is the big "moving out" day for Gadsden High School, and Ron has said he would ride out there with me, to help load up whatever it is that I'll be taking with me. Mostly, that will be files and office supplies, and some books. If it will fit in the car in one load, good. If not, I'm leaving it there. Really.

So I'm a happy camper. Tomorrow, I'll be a hot & sweaty camper. A camper looking at a fresh start.


Linda said...

Thats fantastic! Had you applied for the job or did it just come out of the blue. Sounds like a perfect fit to me - Congrats!

Dina said...

I applied for the job. Cruces district isn't necessarily easy to get into. I've tried several times. Last year they had budget issues, and didn't really do any hiring, just moved people around. This year, it just kind of fell into place.

Fran said...

Congratulations! I know you'll walk down those halls that last time, both glad that you had time there, sorry to miss some of the folks you've become friends with, and with a bounce in your step because you've got a shiny bright future ahead of you! Woo hoo!