Friday, May 25, 2012

it is finally done

School is over for the season. Top of my to-do list at the moment? Enjoy summer!

This week, that means driving up to Truth or Consequences and picking up my niece for a week or so. We'll be having some summer adventures together, like White Sands, the Space Museum, swimming, bowling and game night. Of course I'll sew some for her, and for Raine too. I've several things for Raine all cut out and taunting me with their ready-to-sew-ness.

Oh, sure, there are some chores to tackle as well, and while I may not enjoy doing the chore, per se, I DO enjoy the effects of having the chore done. Even if that means I have to do it myself. *clap-clap Where is my staff?!?!?

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Shubham said...

I can see here that you plan your holidays also and you implement your plans as well.. Im inspired.!