Wednesday, May 23, 2012

my imagination is overactive

...or my printer talks to me.

The one at school, the little HP from I dunno, 10 years ago or so? It just keeps chugging along. And talking to me while it works. Don't judge.

Usually it says Muad-Dib (I probably spelled it wrong) like the character from Frank Herbert's Dune. A fine book, by the way. Today it must have been happy that the school year is almost over, because it was singing a different song. A song with the words Oompa Loompa in it.

I say if your imagination is playing with you, play along.

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ron null said...

So is Mine! (overactive and talking). As it was chugging on some charity fliers, yesterday, it said 'bullcrap' each time it advanced. Later, on business cards, it changed to (OOOPS, now I've forgotten). It seems related to long-running, repetitive jobs (or that's where I notice it.) Or maybe I just conjur up a 'phrase' that sounds like the chugs? Either way, it is relentless once started.