Wednesday, May 2, 2012

science fair

One of the things about being a working mom is that you don't get to spend time with your child at school. Oh, sure, we go to parent/teacher conference. I speak with or e-mail Raine's teacher if there is a problem. We encourage (read insist on) the completion of homework. We participate in fund raising, and after school enrichment. When her class is performing, we're there in the audience, cheering her on and waving like crazy people. We just don't get to school with her often. It kind of hovers around the to-do list as I know I would LIKE to do it, but I don't see how it will work well.

This past few weeks, Raine has been working on her science fair project. She knew from the start that she wanted to use the microscope that she got for Christmas (thank you, Aunt Carrie & Uncle Shannon!), so we talked about what she wanted to look at through the microscope. She decided on plant cells. We looked through the very helpful booklet on science fair projects, and the steps of scientific discovery and built her project. When in doubt about what to do next, back to the booklet we went. This week, we put it all together and packed it up and took it to school this morning.

Tomorrow is the science fair, and I want to go see it. So, I took the day off, and volunteered to help out during the day at the fair. I'm actually kinda excited to do it, geek that I am. Will Raine win? (Does anyone "win" a science fair? I don't even know...) I think she did an age & grade appropriate project. I think she did her own work, with a little guidance. I think she did all right.

I still want to see what the other kids came up with.

Science Fair, here I come!


Linda said...

Tell Raine Nana said "Way to Go" on her Science Fair project. Hope she wins if thats what they do or at least get honorable mention. Its always a shame when all the kids put so much into their projects only to go away empty handed. There should be some kind of acknowledgement for all of them. Let me know how she as a proud Mom I know you'll be boasting anyway.

Fran said...

PICTURES! We want pictures!

So cool!

Dina said...

I got a picture on my phone... now, if I can figure out how to get it here, I will...

Linda said...

thanks for the pic of Raine thats now on my phone lol. Now if I can figure out how to download it onto my computer lol. How did she do at the Science Fair?