Tuesday, May 22, 2012

new direction? new purpose

I suppose if you read this, you've probably noticed that there hasn't been much here this month. Oh, I have the usual end-of-school-year stresses, and some unpleasantness at work that is best (for professional reasons) not shared here. Not that I think anyone would look here, but, you know, it's a public forum, and so we keep our professional manners. Yeah.

Really, though, that hasn't been the reason for not writing. Every evening, I check out those blogs I like to read, think about adding more, or checking out recommendations, and then, when it comes time to click on the "new post"  button, I just don't.

I'm thinking. Thinking about the writing, and the what I want out of it, and the purpose for doing it so other people can see... even if not that many people care about seeing. I'm getting to a new point in the writing. Growing is good, but there are choices to be made, and agonized over, evidently. I'm on that brink of making some connections, and I like it, but.... I'm shy. Well, that isn't it, exactly, but it is the essential translation. Do I have enough to say? Are there people who will care what I have to say? Who will join the conversation? Do I even want to know what all of them will say?

I should plan! I should have something to say ALL the time. Something that is witty, and stylish, and geeky and... well, already, that's a lot to live up to, and my jaw starts tightening. It's kind of like when you are standing at the edge of the pool (or maybe the edge of the high dive), looking into the deep water, scary and exciting, and counting.



Fran said...

Blogs are tough things. You let a little of who you are show every time you post, even if it's something tiny.

Yay for avoiding the professional stuff; what's online stays online and can be used against you.

But also yay for being brave and trying something new. It's important to stretch your boundaries, in one way or another. I'll always come back to see what you're up to, no matter what!

Dina said...

Thanks, Fran! That's important to me. I value the feedback, and the contact and the way we keep this wordy friendship!

Linda said...

Your daughter would care about your writing in years to come so I hope you're printing this stuff out and putting it in a book for her especially the stories about her. YOU ARE A GREAT WRITER so don't sell yourself short that no one care's okay. I love to read your stuff and in fact I was a bit lost lately 'cause you hadn't blogged about anything lol.

Dina said...

Thanks, Linda! Oh, I'm not stopping, but... changing. Growing, hopefully. Becoming a more mature writer, and better, too, if I can.