Wednesday, May 30, 2012

summer fun

My niece is visiting this week. Of course we are doing all sorts of fun things while she is here.
mugging for the camera

Yesterday we took a trip to White Sands. The smoke from the Gila fires had made the day quite hazy, but by the time we headed over the pass, it had mostly moved to the north of us. We found a dune for the girls to sled down.
No one mess up my sledding track!
Raine really got into the sand...
Mom, where are my legs?
...Ron did some exploring...
...and fun was had by all. I even made it to the top of the dune! The late afternoon was lovely, and peaceful. The kids played and filled their clothes and hair with white sand. Just like they are supposed to. They came home to showers and bed and restful sleep. Lovely day!


Linda said...

Ahhhhhhh family

Shubham said...

I just opened your blog randomly... And I wanna say that is good that you keep your memories alive through this..