Sunday, May 6, 2012

sort of productive sunday

Left to my own devices, I move from one project to another during a productive day. Clean a little something here, cook, craft a little, maybe spend a little time at the computer and then on to another project. I find it fairly relaxing, as I'm not working at a breakneck pace. I usually find it reason satisfying becuase, for all the puttering around, I do actually get things done.

Today I did some ironing and worked on a little sewing. I need to pin the skirt of my t-shirt dress to the t-shirt, and then attach them, and it will be done. It is a casual enough garment that I went ahead and hemed the skirt before attatching it. It was easier to deal with the fabric that way, I think. If I were concerned that it would hang perfectly, I wouldn't have done it that way, but what the heck. I'm also experimenting with safety pining the skirt fabric to the t-shirt. I did that with Roxanne's as well. I pin it a little below the sewing line, and avoid sewing over any of the pins. The safety pins don't fall out as I'm turning the bodice here and there, and measureing halves, and halves again. I think this may be my new pinning a skirt to a bodice technique for gathered skirts on adult - especially plus sized - garments.

I also worked on the bag I had started on before I got busy with several fabric baskets. I think I'm going to cut out a few more of those as well. I really like them, and thought they came out well. It doesn't hurt that it is a pretty quick and easy project, and fun to embelish besides...

Besides all that, I made some tomato soup for take-to-work lunches, and chicken and rice for dinner. Both turned out quite tasty. A good way to finish up the week, and be able to look forward to the next one, I guess.

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Crack You Whip said...

I love, love tomato soup...but have no one to make it for me! I'm not very useful in that department.

Tried some bellpepper jelly recently my son brought home for me and wish I new how to make it! I'm hooked!

Have a great week!