Thursday, October 4, 2012

fair day

It was a lovely day to go to the fair, today, people! The sun shone, the breeze was breezey. The crowds were... not there. (Which was perfect for me.) We saw what we wanted to see, and sat in the shade to rest when we wanted to. We didn't have to wait in lines, or feel pushed around. Carrie tagged me about 5:30, and I got to head home before 6 while they stayed to do the midway on a $20 wrist band, ride all you want. Raine got home about 10:30 and headed for the bath, exhausted and happy. Pretty awesome.

Here are some of the highlights. Pictures? I know! I actually did take a few!

These things look like so much fun! They roll around in the water, and it's rather like a hamster ball, but a softer landing. The kids mostly stay dry, until - like Ezekiel - they sit on the side of the pool to put their shoes back on, and someone happens to be in the ball next to you. Yes, there is splashing. This pool isn't as big as the one they've had on previous years, but the kids still seemed to have a blast.

We went through the petting zoo, and the animal barns. I enjoy looking at all the school art projects grouped together by school. It looked like they were missing several schools this year, though. The arts & crafts exhibits were down, too. I feel sad that that aspect of the fair seems to be falling. On the other hand, I also think that they don't do a great job of getting the word out to enter things, either. I really need to decide to get something put together for the fair next year. Need to get Raine & Ezekiel to do entries as well. They are always drawing stuff and making stuff.

We visited the 4H barn, where the Farm & Ranch museum had a table... and some photo props...
cute cow with a hat
I remember as a kid, what a big deal the fair was, and how we got out of school early for student day, and that was the day we usually went. They haven't been doing that here lately, and they did a better school promotion than usual this year, and timed it with fall break. So, for me, the fair was a success this year, at least in terms of visiting it.

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Fran said...

It sounds like a perfect fair, and those water bubbles look like HUGE fun!