Monday, October 1, 2012

fairly on the list

This week is the Southern NM State Fair. Usually it is in the middle of September, but not this year. It does, however, coincide with the days off we get for fall break. What a coincidence. (I doubt that it is, really, but what the heck) On Thursday, early in the day, the admission price is significantly lower than the rest of the time. I'm planing to take Raine out to see what we can see. Since we will both have more fun if she has a friend along, we'll be taking Ezekiel as well.

We'll get in and look through the exhibits, the animal barns, etc. I'll torture them with the craft displays, and then buy them horrible, overpriced food that they'll love. Eventually - like around 6 - Ezekiel's mom and I will to a tag-team trade off so that the kids can get a pay one price wristband and ride the rides for a while. I'll get to go home without spending too much time on the midway, and the kids will come home exhausted and dirty. Just what the fair is good for!

That's the plan, anyway...

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