Tuesday, October 23, 2012

photo shoot

This evening, I took all the pictures I've been meaning to take for a while. I was inspired to get the camera busy by Raine, who drew these predators while she was with Ezekiel this afternoon. I am blown away by her talent (mostly because I don't have it).
I think she's leveled up her skills.
The top images are the maskes for the bottom guys. Sorry about the glare, though. Yes, she's still using a good bit of invented spelling, even though she gets A's on her spelling tests. What's up with that?

I also took some of a few of our betas. I didn't want to take too many as the flash was scaring them, and I didn't want to do that. I've been meaning to photo some of them for a while and in the mean time some of my favorites have died. Sigh.
I call this one Dragon.
Finally, a little something that Roxanne and I were working on this past weekend. I made the pieced block earlier, and cut out a second. We were experimenting to see how practical it would be to make holiday baskets like this. Not very practical. It was time consuming, and some of the middle steps had us both scared for the outcome. I think the final product for this will be nice, but I wouldn't want to have to spend that much time on each one. Maybe some half square triangles would work better? hmmm

the block pre backed & quilted

all this needs is to have the bottom sewn in

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Linda said...

Well I'd say as far as Raine's spelling on her pic's .....she knows she's not being graded on it so why bother doing it right lol. Its "her" interpretation. Love the Christmas design. I'm still trying to work on Raine's scarf for Christmas.