Wednesday, October 17, 2012

itchy fingers, lame brain

I keep looking at the "new post" button, wanting to make one, and then my brain just kinda shuts down. So many times, I can write about what I'm making or have made - and there is making going on, here, there is! - but spoilers, people, spoilers! So sharing it will have to come later!

In the mean time, I may have a plan. May. We'll see how it works out.

One thing I want to share today is a music source. My co-teacher found it and shared it with me. The site is called Daytrotter and the concept is this: bands come in and record a few songs, and daytrotter posts them. They also make & produce collections of these songs, and produce limited editions of them, making only as many as are preordered. They archive all the sessions, so you can listen to them, and - after a quite reasonable membership fee - download them if you desire. The bands are varied, and many are not well known. I'm sure there are songs and bands I won't just love, but there is also music here I will really enjoy, and enjoy exploring. Also, If you are an art fan, one of the staff at Daytrotter does an illustration of each of the bands that is used as their thumbnail. Cool. Another cool thing? They have some tracks by the Lumineers, who I also got introduced to recently, and really, really like. WOot!

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