Monday, October 8, 2012

fall break ends

The long weekend of fall break started with Thursday and the fair. Saturday, Carl and Raine and I drove over to see our cousins Bob & Louise, who are getting older, and don't get around as well as they once did. We had a lovely lunch and visit and we tried not to stay too long to tire them out. We need to go back more often, though. YesterdayRon and I spent the evening with Sara & Damon. We ate pizza. I played cards with them (we took turns winning) and we all chatted and chatted. It was fun!

I actually got rather productive in the craft room this weekend. Yesterday, Ron & I cleaned out a box or two, and sorted some into the trash, a bit to keep (THERE's that big crock pot that we knew we had SOMEWHERE!) And some to give away. The aisle to the door is getting wider, as I'm claiming more and more of the craft room. Hooray! I also organized a lot of fabric today, moved things, swept and dusted, got what cobwebs I could reach. I didn't get sewing done, but I did get some flags cut out to make into bunting for Renn fair for the SCA. I'm thinking the denim I repurposed from old pants will go with any random white fabrics, alternated on the cord. They will flutter in the breeze, and mark some boundaries, and look great.

I've napped, and stayed up late, and all those "bad" habits that one looks forward to on vacations, but tomorrow I'll be back to the routine, and Raine will be back to hers. I've enjoyed it, and I'll go back wanting more, which - to me - means it must have been good. It's so much better to end wanting more than being tired of whatever...

Now, I'm organized for Christmas craftiness, though, yahoo!

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