Thursday, September 27, 2012

fourth grade singers

Every month at Loma Heights, the administration has an evening meeting to share news with parents. They are sure to get a crowd each time - even though it isn't always the same crowd - because at each of the meetings, one of the grades performs the songs that their music teacher prepares them to sing. The music teacher is a young lady who has been one of Raine's favorite adults at the school from kindergarten on. She also is involved in the summer music camp that Raine has gone to for several years, and I think she is one of the reasons Raine enjoys going to the camps.

4th graders led by Ms. Ward
 This year, they sang several songs, including "Pay me my Money Down," and "This Land is my Land" for their performance. Know what? They did a pretty darned good job. You could tell there was some growth in these kids, from previous years, in maturity and skills. Good job, kids! Good job, Ms. Ward!

And since I told you she could do it, here's Raine, on her bike! (Good thing there was just enough battery in my camera to take these pics!

gonna have to raise the seat when we take of the training wheels!

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Fran said...

It's so great to see Raine having a blast!