Friday, September 21, 2012

fall in the air?

I love summer. I know, it's hot. And I get hot. When I sweat, it isn't pretty. Still, I'd much rather be hot than cold. The long summer days fill my soul with the energy that gets me through the rest of the year. Thank goodness winter here in NM isn't long nor particularly wintery. Most of the time, anyway. Summer seems to last and last, and the leaves on the trees often stay green until the first hard frost finally convinces them that it is time to abandon their branches.

This year is no exception. It was 90+ degrees today, sunny and bright. Still, when I left school this evening, admiring the "long" shadows of the ants on their curb highway, there was something in the little breeze. The seasons are changing, it said. Enjoy the warmth of today because it won't be here forever. Remember how the winter feels? Get ready.

Sometimes winter sneaks up on me, unawares, and I have to hunt down my jacket one fine morning, surprised that I need it. This year, however, I caught the hint, and fall is in the air.

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