Saturday, September 15, 2012

how to do homecoming

Yesterday - Friday - was the homecoming pep assembly. WOW. I was blown away.

First, the band lines up at the farthest end of the building away from the gym. Just happens to be right outside my classroom door. When they all get lined up, the drummers start, and the band plays, and they march to gym, like the pied pipers of Onate, pulling the student body behind them.  After the confusion of figuring out where each class should sit, a minor distraction - it was the first assembly of the year after all - the rally got under way.

My second amazement was the level of participation in the rally by the students. Of course the band played, and were awesome. The football team sat at the other end of the gym. Students MC'ed the rally, and did a great job. It helped so much being inside, and being able to hear what was going on. Gadsden always had their rallies out on the football field. The powder puff game had been the night before, junior girls against seniors, and the girls had been practicing every day. The seniors won. Then the boys, who had been doing the cheering, a squad for the juniors and a squad for the seniors, came out dressed for the occasion, and performed their routines. That was a hoot, and they all seemed like they were having a blast doing it. The senior football moms pushed the cheerleaders to the side (in a nice way) and performed a routine THEY had been working on, too! Go Moms! Of course both the varsity and the JV cheer leading squads performed, in combined and separate routines. Then the dance squad came out. Of course the ROTC did the flag ceremony, and the band did the fight song - as well as some other pieces. There were class games, concurrently running sports were recognized, and the yelling and the cheering!

Last, but not least, the play production class did a flash mob piece to "Do, re mi." How fun is that? They were promoting their production of The Sound of Music, which they will be producing this semester. They sang, they danced, they wowed.

That's how Homecoming gets done at OHS.

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Fran said...

Wow! That sounds fabulous! THAT'S what Homecoming should be like, and I'm glad you got to be a part of it.